One more reason to "Garden with Confidence" using Pefferlaw Soil

2. Grows a great plant Click "HERE" to see our growth trial results tested by University of Guelph -

3. Helpful tools that allow you make the right decision - Click "HERE" to find the best soil product for the job, find Garden and Landscape tips above and use our calculator tool to calculate how many bags to use for the job.

4. Safe soil to grow your organics in.  Find either one of the Pro-Cert approval seals on every bag of Pefferlaw's -Garden with Confidence- Soil, ensuring your soil is safe and free of contaminents:

Certified for use in "Organic Agriculture"

Pro-Cert Canada


5. Added value at no extra cost, Certified and tested to safely and successfully grow your vegetables and flowers.  Check out the "Where to buy?" section above to find a retailer near you!


Safe and Happy Gardening! - as the saying goes "Gardening is cheaper than therapy AND you get tomatoes"!