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    Our Story

    Stretching over 25 acres, and situated atop a stunning natural peat wetland that originally supplied the bulk of Pefferlaw Peat Products, Pefferlaw Farms is deeply rooted in organic production in its purest form.

We pride ourselves in hands-on processes that keep us grounded. We believe in a small batch approach to bringing you the highest quality, purest product possible: From careful attention to soil quality through constant on-site monitoring, aerating our composting hourly, in-house machine repair, and on-property soil treatments + sourcing, we do our best to be a sustainable practice from ground to garden.
Our family of 20 members are committed to the Pefferlaw Farms ethos of providing you the absolute best in earth, mulch, organic and stone, from our home here in Cannington Ontario to yours
    Nestled amidst the green landscape of Ontario, Canada, Pefferlaw Farms has stood as a trusted brand
in the lawn and garden soil industry since 1954. Encompassing a spectrum that includes garden soils,
mixes, container potting blends, composted manures, and lawn dresser, our earths are carefully
nurtured through annual audits and backed by Pro-Cert Systems Ltd.'s certification. This meticulous
care ensures our products are free from fungicides and pesticides, while carefully maintaining
Canadian Organic Standards. This careful attention to sourcing and supplying ensures that the earth we
package is the absolute best for your needs.
    Canadian soil, mulch, stone and organic earth
    Our expertise extends beyond the realm of organics, and into a collection landscaping offfferings –
gravel, limestone, sand, and decorative stone. Born from a legacy that is rooted in pure soil, Pefferlaw
Farms is revered for their artistry in sourcing, refining, packaging, and orchestrating bulk materials,
with an unwavering devotion to the organic. Our modern packaging plant, expert management team,
commitment to safety and efficiency, and most importantly our exceptional product, make us a trusted
name in the industry.
    Canadian soil, mulch, stone and organic earth